Artur Becker

Les Rabiates & Artur Becker

…a joint project with the German-Polish poet and novelist Artur Becker. After initial attempts in spring 2006, this venture developed into a musical and literary experiment of a special kind. After concerts in Poland and in the broadcast hall of Radio Bremen, the band now presents itself with a different line-up. Jens Ahlers and Ralf Benesch are two excellent musicians from the old Swim Two Birds days. New to the crew is Michael Berger, who will provide the quartet with the necessary gravity.
Artur Becker & Les Rabiates is a furious combination of border-crossing music and divisive poetry, influenced by current jazz trends and subterranean rock, an explosive mixture of eloquent, sometimes subversive lyrics and a bubbling, stylistically wildly rampant sound.
So folks, say goodbye to mom and dad, put on your seven-mile moon boots, put on your anti-gravity glasses. Artur Becker & Les Rabiates have already been spotted on Mars!!
line up: Artur Becker, vocals/lyrics; Michael Berger, Harmona 85 and other analogue adventures; Jens Ahlers, drums; Ralf Benesch guitar and baritone sax; Achim Gätjen, alto sax and electrics
Artur Becker, born in 1968 to Polish-German parents in Bartoszyce (Masuria), has lived in Germany since 1985. Writes novels, short stories, poems and essays, also works as a translator.