Gil “Puma” Hoberg

Gil “Puma” Hoberg, born in 1961, is more than just a musician – he is a passionate and sensitive drummer who has been enriching the world of sounds since 1973. His musical journey spans decades, shaped by diverse experiences and intensive studies.
His musical work began in various bands, where he contributed his skills as a drummer. Gil “Puma” Hoberg made a name for himself early on in the world of percussion and drums, which led to numerous studio recordings for television and theater as well as participation in various music productions.
The turning point in his musical career came in 1982, when he began to devote himself intensively to the study of African rhythms. On his journey through the world of drums, he had the privilege of learning from well-known master drummers from Africa and Europe. Among them are greats such as Lartey Larko and Aja Addy from Ghana, Paul Engel from Germany, Famoudou Konaté from Guinea, Adama Dramé from Burkina Faso and Rainer Polak from Germany.

Since 1984, Gil “Puma” Hoberg has been sharing his knowledge and passion by leading drum courses, workshops and further training for traditional rhythms from Africa. This teaching activity was enriched by several months of study stays in Ghana and Guinea from 1989, through which he not only learned and deepened the techniques, but also the cultural depth of these rhythms.

Since 1990, Gil “Puma” Hoberg has accompanied the action in dance workshops and courses with his drum, emphasizing not only the sound, but also the movement and energy through the music.

In 1994, Gil “Puma” Hoberg took part in the professional percussion training “Djembe-Pro” with Paul Engel, which further deepened his expertise. He is currently refining his knowledge by taking part in the master class with Rainer Polak.

For Gil “Puma” Hoberg, the stage is not only a place for performance, but also for exchange and teaching. His concerts and workshops at home and abroad are not just musical performances, but also platforms for cultural exchange and a shared passion for rhythm.

Gil “Puma” Hoberg has managed to turn his love of drumming into a life mission – a mission that not only creates sounds, but also brings people together and celebrates the cultural diversity of African rhythms.

Swim Two Birds CD Apsion veraBra 1992

Credits: Gil “Puma” Hoberg – African drums and percussion on 3., 4., 5., 9., & 10.