Stefan “Steff” Ulrich

Stefan Ulrich, freelance musician

Drums, electric bass; guitar, singing, composition, poetry, music production lessons (in the sense of artistic direction), sound engineering. Artistic biography

The musical career began in 1979 as a drummer and lead singer. Even in the early days there were various band projects with a wide variety of stylistic orientations.

1985 to 1987 contact course in popular music at the Hamburg Art and Music Academy, with Udo Dahmen.

1988 to 1996 life and work center mainly in Hamburg as a live and studio musician, among others. with ‘die Antwort’ together with Bernd Bergemann and Karl Allaut (WEA Music), ‘die Goetzen’ with Götz Steeger and the ‘Off Beat’ Studio (including the title song of the ZDF series Girlfriends), for C-Lab Software, Emagic, Yamaha

and at the Yamaha Music School with Udo Dahmen as a lecturer for band training.

From 1992, took over the Sundance recording studio in Bremen Aumund, together with a creative team, until 1999 responsible for countless productions as a musician, engineer and producer, including for Bear Family Records, Crosscut Records, Steinberg Software, Yamaha, Uli Beckerhoff, Bill Ramsey, Sigi Busch, CBGBs, Waldorf, Yamaha, Kawai and many more.

In 2000, the band bOOM bOOM was founded with drummer Stefan Dahm, Michael Berger and Uli Beckerhoff to combine and play electronic music with acoustic instruments.

2001 Founding of the recording studio ‘palais aux étoiles’
together with Marten Ulrich in Bremen,
productions as a musician, producer and engineer for B.B. & The Bluesshacks, Dimple Minds, Velvetone, Möbius-Records, Wizoo, Digidesign, Swim Two Birds, Les Rabiates, Bill Collins Rebell Rousers, Lucerne Blues Festival, Alexander von Rothkirch, Flut, Julian Joseph, Detlev Beier, Pfusch am Bau, Electric Family,
Clip Villa, Knipp Gumbo, Brian Parrish, Alvin Stardust, Digidesign and many more.

2005 to 2012 Lecturer for drums, band coaching, recording and studio technology at the ‘Hamburg School of Music’.

Since 2007 also lecturer for jazz drums at Jugend Jazzt as part of the Jazz and Blues Days Verden. Composition and performance of polyphonic drum works.

2013 / 14 THEATER BREMEN, Großes Haus.

Drums in the productions ‘WOYZECK’ and ‘KLEINER MANN WAS NUN’ together with Tobias Vethake under the direction of Klaus Schumacher.

From 2014 juror and band coach at the young band competition ‘Live in Bremen’

From 2014 to 2018 lecturer for ‘Jazz Drums’ and ‘Professional Stage Practice’ at the Trommelwerk Bremen. Training institute for drum teachers. Exam preparation for prospective music students.

2018 – 2021 member of the band SOULTRAIN, Hamburg

2016 – 2024 THEATER BREMEN, Großes Haus.

Drums in the productions:
BANG BANG, a three-dollar opera (live performance of music from films by Quentin Tarantino) under the musical direction of Torsten Kindermann and directed by Selen Kara.
SHIRIN UND LIFE, musical direction Johannes Mittl, director Michael Talke THE THREEPENNY OPERA, musical direction Tobias Vethake,
director Klaus Schumacher.
SONGS WE LOVE concert program, played by the staff of the Bremen Theater together with Andy Einhorn and Yoel Gamzou.
NO RAIN, musical direction Andy Einhorn, director Tom Ryser.
2019 Founding of the band ‘RETROJOGGER’.
Production and performance of own songs as guitarist and lead singer.
Since 2010, teaching drums and electric bass at the Hussong music school in Überseestadt.
Current bands:

Stefan "Steff" Ulrich musician and producer