Achim Gaetjen

Achim Gaetjen Swim Two Birds - Les Rabiates
Photo by Sebastian Otto © 2001

Achim Gätjen
Saxophonist, composer, bandleader, video producer
born September 5th, 1955 in Bremen
1975-85 various projects in Bremen bands as a saxophonist, guitarist.
1986 Founding of the band »III. Art« Recordings: Single »Soul Mineurs«, LP »Songs Of Maldoror«
also: saxophonist in the bands »Shizzo Flamingos«, »The Dry Halleys« various recordings, tours through Hungary, Poland, Germany etc.
»What The Hell Is Jazzit« legendary sampler »vor der Zeit« (Alien Style)
Collaboration/composition on the project »Kumquat Combat« The Dharma Drums
( SW / Indigo )
Collaboration on various projects with Ralf Benesch, Hartmut Emig, André Szighetti, Peter Apel, Rolf Kirschbaum, Sadato, among others.
1990 Founding of the band »Swim Two Birds«
see Swim Two Birds

2003 Founding of »Dogfood Industries« Production and distribution of film/theater and radio play music.
Film music for the trailer “Art in Public Space”

10/2003 Winner of the »Leo« at the 17th International Film Festival in Braunschweig for the best combination of sound and film in the short film »To-Tart« by Christian Meyer.

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