Martin Klingeberg

Martin Klingeberg Trumpet, tenorhorn, composer member of Swim Two Birds 1990 - 1993
Photo by Achim Gaetjen © 1993

Martin Klingeberg

Trumpet, tenorhorn, vocals, composition

Born 1961 in Braunschweig, West-Germany, as the seventh child of the Seventh-Day–Adventist preacher Johannes Klingeberg and his wife Helene. Early musical education, flute-, piano- and guitarlessons, trumpet since 1973.

1981 Baccalaureat, then civilservice at the Red Cross, followed by the education as a carpenter, short studies in pedagogics at the university.

1986 musicstudent at the „Hermann-Zilcher-Conservatory“, first classical music and pedagogics , later jazz.

1992 successful final examination.

1988-1996 co-owner of a club and a beergarden in Würzburg/Germany, besides numerous musical activities („D-I-Project, „Swim-Two-Birds“, „Seven Minds“ „Collaborators“ and more).Work as a teacher of a private jazzschool.

,1996 move to Berlin, working as a teacher and as a free musician in numerous projects from soloperformances up to bigbandwork, several works for television and film and as a studiomusician.

1998 teacher at the „Jazz-School-Berlin“.

2000 two theatreproductions at the „Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz“, “Herr Kolpert” and “Supermarket”, directed by Thomas Ostermeier, another theatre coproduction in Basel and Frankfurt, “Helden des 20. Jahrhunderts”, and

2003 engagement at the „Berliner Ensemble“, a production with Robert Wilson and Herbert Grönemeyer. In 2005 another production at the Schaubühne Berlin, „Die Dummheit“ by Rafael Spregelburd ( working as composer, bassplayer and singer) and another production with Robert Wilson, Shakespeare`s „Wintermärchen“. 

2007 the next work with Robert Wilson,the „THREE PENNY OPERA“,

which played in Berlin,Poland, Norway, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, New York, Hongkong, Perth and so on.

2012 „DANTONS DEATH“ (Georg Büchner), directed by Claus Peymann, work as musical director, composer and musician.

2013 Composer and Musician (tenorhorn, guitar, vocals, slide-guitar) for “Hans im Glück”, written by Berthold Brecht, under direction of Sebastian Sommer, at the Berliner Ensemble.

August 2014 first appearance ever as an actor, playing Bela Lugosi and Donald McCoy in the theatreadaptation of the film “Ed Wood” by Tim Burton, besides playing trumpet and singing.

Short after that Peter Miklusz, who also directed the theatre piece, hired me for his short film “Maulwurfkuchen”.

In February 2016 Premiere of

“VICTOR oder DIE KINDER AN DER MACHT” under direction of Nicolas Charaux, where I played on stage, composed all the music and created the sounddesign (with ableton live).2017 I worked with Philip Tiedemann for his piece “Herzstück” as composer, musical director and musician.

In spring 2018 I returned to the “Schaubühne” for “Italienische Nacht” (Horvath), directed by Thomas Ostermeier.

In August 2018 I worked on “Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan” at the Potsdam Theatre, directed by Malte Kreutzfeldt, as musical director, composer and musician.

Actual theatre work is “Brechts Gespenster” at the Berliner Ensemble, premiere 2022-09-21, with Suse Wächter and Matthias Trippner.

March 2023 premiere of “Das Fest”, an adaptation of the dogma film for theater at the Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam, directed by Bettina Jahnke, where I am musical director and musician and composed the music for a quartet.

Actual collaboration with Oderbruch Museum Altranft “Tagpfauenauge im Februar”, a text- and sound installation with Kay Dietrich.

Lots of bandprojects :„Shank“,„TheBOOst“,„BABY BONK“,„BenBecker und die ZERO TOLERANCE BAND“,„NasserKilada`s Groove of the Nile“,„NADA“ (Vokalprojekt),„SevenMinds“,„MUSIKA“ „The Pachinko Fake“,„Swim-Two-Birds“,„Materia“,„Andy Winter Band“,„Jazzclub2000“,„TAAL TANTRA“,„TANGOCRASH“,“RANIN“, „EBO TAYLOR AND AFROBEAT ACADEMY“,“UliGumpertWorkshopband“, “C.v.d.Goltz and Friends” ,”ALPHA ALPHA” , “phonON 3” and others.

Recent project is my pocket brass band PHON-O-RAMA, with Johannes Lauer on trombone, Martial Frenzel on drums and Orlando de Boeykens on tuba, recordings have been made and will be mixed and released soon.

Tours and Festivals in Brasil, India, Poland,France, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Marocco, USA, China, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey and so on…..

Worked with John Tchicai, Conny Bauer, Uwe Kropinski, Rudi Mahall, Jan Roder, Uschi Brüning, Baby Sommer, Andreas Willers, John Schröder, Martin Zenker, Uli Gumpert, Potsch Potschka (Spliff), Jean Louis Rassinfosse (10 years the bassplayer of Chet Baker),Tanmoy Bose(Tablaplayer of Ravi Shankar), Kalle Kalima  and many others.


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Hörspieledition Words and Music,


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2014: Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band plays Mingus

2015: K.I.Z. (Goldene CD)

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2017: phonON 3 “CYBORG”

2020: Brüning und Betancor, ICH MEIN DICH, bei Kurtmusik

2023: CvdG Projekt “Limbo”