Jens Ahlers

Jens Ahlers Swim Two Birds
Photo by Sebastian Otto © 2001

Drums, percussion, computer engineering, guitar and keyboards
born July 30, 1963 in Bremen

Areas of work: Live and studio work for specific projects, such as bands or film music.

Current projects: Swim Two Birds (Outlaw Jazz, Bandit Surf, Rock’n’Roll)
Chung (Spazzwave, Punk’n Noise Rock) MaxLux (Electro-No-Beat)
Dog Food Indusutries (D.F.I.) multi-media project.

2003 Swim Two Birds release of the LP “Countdown” (incl. multi-media part)
Chung release of the LP “The Demented Mentors of Spazzwave” MaxLux. Producer and composer of the songs “Der Mann im Ohr” and “Der Bart muss ab”
D.F.I. Film music for the trailer “Art in Public Space”
2002 Chung engineer, producer and drummer for the LP
“The demented mentors of Spazzwave”

2000-2003 Swim Two Birds tours through Bulgaria-Romania-Finland in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.
1998 Chung LP “Chung”
1996 Party Diktator (noise rock) LP “Dive bomb”, released by Roadrunner
1995 Babbitts (glamour rock) LP “Suspicious”
1994 producer for the song “Ich seh mal was, was du nicht sehen”
feat. Stan-Tom Saby
1993 Producer for advertising film music for the company “Acer”
1991 Uli Beckerhoff-Group, concert for the Memorandum Festival, in honor of Miles Davis, in the Cologne Philharmonic
1989 Uli Beckerhoff-Group (Fusion Jazz) LP “Stay”
1988 Freeport (Free Jazz) LP “Pulse” with orchestra conducted by Michael Sievert
Belly dance project “Glenda”
Babbitts (Glamour Rock) LP “Babbitts from Outerspace”

1987 Freeport (Free Jazz) LP “L`affaire Flibustier”Sprinx (New Jazz) Festival Leverkusen Jazz Days
1986 Artspraxis (Free Jazz) Romania tour
1984 Action Painting “Painting and Music”
1979-1984 Collaboration with various Formations in the area of ​​fusion rock and jazz, such as: Mamagei, Chamäleon, Kaman-Jazz Band, Evelyn`s Swing Gang…

Current band Waran